Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Machinery

Solar Panel Cleaning Machinery

Solar Panel Cleaning Machinery

Machine for cleaning solar panels, available for US and Canada market:

Machine for cleaning solar panels, available for US and Canada market.

Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Solar Panel Cleaning Machinery

Solar Panel Cleaning Machinery


Roof top and ground mounted solar plants cleaning using industry grade equipment , made in Germany. 

Solar PAnel cleaning robot

wet and dry cleaning


CEV Canada is authorized sales and service provider of Solarcleano robots in Canada. 


Machinery for cleaning and washing of photovoltaic panels

Solar Panel Cleaning Machinery


CEV Canada is the authorized sales and service representative of F3500 and C4000 in Canada and United Sates. 

It is the self-propelled version of the series of photovoltaic panel cleaning machines produced Made in Italy.  The machine is customizable in terms of characteristics and dimensions, based on the configuration of the plants where it is going to operate, able to satisfy the various needs of operators in the sector and adaptable to any environmental condition.

It is equipped with a telescopic arm, it can operate with a brush length up to 4,5 meters, with a water cleaning system, dry cleaning system or combined brush plus suction system.

These last two systems are particularly suitable for operating in desert areas, where most of the pv plants are located.

The choice of the cleaning system is linked to the type of brush used, in particular for water cleaning are used Carlite brushes, for dry cleaning Nylon ones.

The machine is installed on a 7 Ton tracked undercarriage, equipped with a termic liquid cooled engine, a hydraulic system with proportional distributor, suction and return filters.

Water system consisting of a 1800 liters tank, a 40 liters/minute pump, a water softening system with a regeneration system during work phase, a water pre-heating system exploiting the heat generated by the hydraulic system of the machine.
Additional high pressure pump usable both for cleaning the machine itself and for the work phase.

Electrical system 12 Volt, with electronic control unit that runs the various functions of the machine, cleaning process automatically managed by sensors placed on the brush body, which, acting directly on the machine’s controls, guarantee the constant distance of the brush from the panels avoiding collisions and damage.

The video system installed on the machine allows to frame the work field, facilitating the operator.
The machine is equipped with an air-conditioned cockpit, which makes its use comfortable and working lights located on the front and rear that allow it to be used even at night.

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To receive more information on how your solar asset may benefit from our line of solar plant cleaning machinery , do not hesitate to contact us. 

F3500 Solar Panel cleaner

Made in Italy

The Solar Cleaner F3500 C-AP is an efficient, reliable and customizable solar cleaning machine. It can be equipped with brushes up to 4.3 m (14 ft).

Solar Cleaner C4000 C-AP

Solar Cleaner C4000 C-AP is the biggest version of our solar cleaning equipment. Designed for large solar plants can be equipped with brushes up to 6,3 meters (20 ft) long.

Solar Pane l cleaner f1750C

SOLAR CLEANER F1750C solar cleaning solution demonstration