Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

Wind Turbine Inspection

Drones are increasingly being used in inspecting wind turbine blades. It saves costs up to 70%.

Wind Farms Asset Management

Our onshore and offshore wind turbine blade inspection service is game-changing for the wind industry. Joint with Visual Working, our UAV inspections are two to four times faster than traditional techniques, providing significant cost savings and improving safety by reducing working at height. We can accurately measure defects with an accuracy of +/-5mm and identify their location on the blade to within centimetres.  

Our asset management software allows our clients to quickly and easily understand the condition of their assets from the huge volume of high-definition data captured by UAVs. The software uses a traffic light status for easy analysis, and offers the ability to drill into high definition photographic evidence for each defect classification. Our software is not only compatible with turbine blades, but also the transition piece, nacelle and tower. 

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